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The First Steps to Home Security – Use What You Already Have

Home security begins with good habits, and this means using the security that you already have at your property. The majority of home burglars are looking for easy opportunities. Quick ways to get into your property, grab the small but expensive items, and then quickly get out. They are looking for open windows, unlocked doors, doors that can lift off, properties that don’t have alarms and for hidden keys. Whilst there is no concrete statistics to go off, it would be a fair assumption to conclude that the majority of home burglaries are completed without much resistance due to something overlooked by the property owner giving the burglar the opportunity they need to gain access to valuables.

Know Your Home and Increase Its Security

Over the years, I have been to many properties where poor habits made it easy for the burglar, so when you begin your Home Security review, start with good basic habits, and then you can add additional locks and alarms.

Do you regularly check the following…

1. Locking the doors – even when you are home. Burglars are known to test if any door is unlocked and proceed silently if this ease of access is available to them.
2. If you have an alarm, make sure you turn it on. Get it serviced and working for you, if it hasn’t been operating for a while. Consider a “Stay Arm” to alarm certain areas of your house while you sleep.
3. Make sure if you have security lighting that it is turned on. Some people install such lighting for security purposes but after months or years without incident, they stop maintaining the bulbs or switching it on. It is a good security measure to prevent burglary and should be maintained as such.
4. Don’t leave garden tools where a burglar can access them and use them to lever their way through a door or a window.
5. Don’t leave ladders or wheel barrows out where someone can use them to climb up to windows.
6. Shut and lock your gates. If you have a pet dog who doubles as a night watchmen, consider having their kennel or sleep area overlooking any gates that might provide an entrance to the property due to location, darkness etc.
7. Consider the types of trees and bushes you have by your house. Some can be great, like spiky bushes in front of low windows, but other bushes and trees may need to be trimmed to prevent blind areas where a burglar can operate unseen.
8. A Big One – Don’t leave your keys on the kitchen bench or on the key rack in plain sight. Burglars are specifically targeting your keys in order to easily steal your car. Get in the habit of hiding your keys in a non-obvious place. This includes the use of spare keys and hiding them under the pot plant or doormat!

It Doesn’t Break The Bank To Secure Your Home

These are all basic ideas for home security with little or no cost involved, but it doesn’t mean that in today’s busy world that we are always doing these simple things. So try to think like a burglar and use common sense about the interior and exterior of your home. Spending 10 minutes upon lock up at night to go through a security checklist is a good routine to implement to help prevent any potential burglary and the distress that goes with experiencing such an invasion of privacy and security.

By Darin Branks

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